Welcome to Magnolia Trade Exchange (MTX)
A Metro Jackson Barter Network

As a business person, you've probably created a trading situation at some time. You traded your product for someone else's product or service. Trades like these work only when both businesses have what the other one is looking for.

But what happens when you want what the other guy has,
but they do not need what you offer?

Magnolia Trade Exchange takes the trading and bartering concept to the next level. When your business needs goods or services - and you want to conserve your cash and pay with YOUR goods and services – joining MTX can help you facilitate those deals.

Magnolia Trade Exchange uses Trade Dollars as a barter CURRENCY that is used for trading between businesses. Using Trade Dollars is a great way to get the goods and services your business needs WITHOUT SPENDING CASH – all while bringing in new barter and cash customers.

Learn how to grow your business while conserving your cash by joining our barter network.

Let Magnolia Trade Exchange show you what a powerful tool barter can be for your business. Contact us today.